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Thursday, April 09, 2009



‘By the time they reached Lebec, Stephane knew her man like a book’


- The Case of the Haunted Husband -


-Your name is Charlotte-
A fatherless- widowed- hungry strategist
Veteran player of the Sexes’ Faustian pact

Virgin or Vamp- you fought a long battle into
Society’s arcades- threading roses- feeding on
Anecdotes- scooping privileges by violation

Your clientele feeds on Femme Fatale Creme
Runs the gamut- between Russia and Rome
Babylon & Armageddon- Veuve & Clicquot

-Your name is Kiara-
You have no sympathies for Luxuries-
Legends- Mirages- or magic numbers

Throughout your teens you hammered your
Brain cells to extend the long embrace-
Of mixed emotions and gradual response

You left your time zone and rose at an early hour
Pitching a luminous morning- well secure from
Mass media infringing stealth

-Your name is Teresa-
You straddle the line between the Ultra & the Exclusive-
Blending spectacle- and speculation

Navigating a momentous stay-together:
You are a diamond with its own security guard:
-‘I need the absurd- skip the nametags’-

You’re evoking a -perfectly legal- hooded presence
Gradually morphing into a push and pinch induced
-Nymphet- poised to start a burlesque career

-Your name is Gabrielle-
You’re a living ad for teeth and hair-
Dressed up as an explicit anatomy lesson

Your story spins around style and fashion
Mingled with veiled commentary on capital ideology
Manifested in -rump-hugging- verbal bravado

You favor an arresting tableau over rebellion
Fine tuning professional acumen-
Alternated by intervals of marked street pedigree

-Your name is Natalya-
You’re a declaration of male inadequacy-
A vagrant Belle trapped in Cinemascope

You live on the outer fringe of the Freeze
Your neighbors are giants auditioning
For a late night side-show

Personal milestones pass in a slow mincing of words
You propose to watch a ‘Sinners & Saints’ episode-
A frugal lip-sync jailhouse flick

-Your name is Nicole-
‘I’m not into shocking people’ you say-
‘I’m just trying to be me’

You’re as compelling as a street painting
A gritty ghost infused with sublime innocence
My quickest entry runs through your ears

You profess to be an Agent Provocateur
A mix of human pampering services
Tartness- and manicured chit-chat

-Your name is Christina-
Month: October Year: 1985
Freewheeling- Clever Cinnamon

You relish men in suits- though you’re
Not averse to a prickly update-
‘Bath or Yoga? -I need time to concentrate-’

I thread the needle to start the first stitch
Interspersed with occasional laughter-
We travel niches of dark and weary neon

-Your name is Valerie-
You boost a less than naturally subdued-
Voice- a coda for breaking barriers

‘Science consists in the grouping of facts’
‘Most men run past things that require attention’
‘A conscientious observer refrains from reasoning’

I probe no further- a confessed outcast myself-
I consider you’re a closet maniac -although
-You insist- you’re just another teen-movie

-Your name is Alexandra-
We meet in the backseat of your life -although-
Women are bound to buy by law- you’re a captive no longer

Your impersonators are ready to board
-Heated Town Cars- en route to mix with art dealers-
Engineers- and biased ‘HOW’ manufacturers

You eclipsed the stranger in your own life and reflect-
On a furnished vacuum with a long history of seduction-
Intoxication- and the recurrence of slippery logic


© Walt 2009


posted by Walter at 4/09/2009

Friday, February 13, 2009



‘Parasites, don’t have to live inside their hosts;
Their genes can express themselves in hosts at a distance.’

The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins -


Be to Be
Add to Add
Peak to Peak
Flow to Flow
Equate to Equate
Process to Process
Matter to Matter
Chair to Chair
Track to Track
Observe to Observe
Increase to Increase
Probe to Probe
Memorize to Memorize
Feature to Feature
Create to Create
Test to Test
Network to Network
Method to Method
Change to Change
Add to Add
Talk to Talk
Crank to Crank
Future to Future
Distort to Distort
Value to Value
Index to Index
Err to Err
Vary to Vary
Fix to Fix
Relate to Relate
Punch to Punch
Blur to Blur
Store to Store
Touch to Touch
Tag to Tag
Cut to Cut
Forge to Forge
Shake to Shake
Release to Release
Note to Note
Post to Post
Live to Live
Inherit to Inherit
Watch to Watch
Prove to Prove
Muck to Muck
Sway to Sway
Flatten to Flatten
Practice to Practice
Remain to Remain
Plant to Plant
Push to Push
Sell to Sell
Open to Open
Live to Live
Urge to Urge
Prowl to Prowl
Listen to Listen
Share to Share
Drink to Drink
Spin to Spin
Assume to Assume
Include to Include
Solve to Solve
Rule to Rule
Spill to Spill
Fall to Fall
Pump to Pump
Defy to Defy
Tempt to Tempt
Divide to Divide
Conform to Conform
Howl to Howl
Pose to Pose
Focus to Focus
Enjoy to Enjoy
Search to Search
Change to Change
Plant to Plant
Party to Party
Function to Function
Advance to Advance
Avoid to Avoid
Honour to Honour
Deliver to Deliver
Kid to Kid
Spot to Spot
Render to Render
Heartache to Heartache
Claim to Claim
Curse to Curse
Pace to Pace
Advocate to Advocate
Employ to Employ
Include to Include
Maintain to Maintain
Sense to Sense
Zone to Zone
Ratio to Ratio
Depart to Depart
Dust to Dust
Attend to Attend
Share to Share
Feather to Feather
Preserve to Preserve
Attend to Attend
Proclaim to Proclaim
Tango to Tango
Control to Control
Chop to Chop
Link to Link
Monitor to Monitor
Voice to Voice
Truth to Truth
Sign to Sign
Core to Core
Play to Play
Write to Write
Win to Win
Close to Close
Key to Key
Scan to Scan
Rise to Rise
Lash to Lash
Bare to Bare
Follow to Follow
Sue to Sue
Linger to Linger
Hear to Hear
Whisper to Whisper
Enter to Enter
Entice to Entice
Hype to Hype
Cultivate to Cultivate
Require to Require
Profit to Profit
Grow to Grow
Rock to Rock
Exist to Exist
Surmise to Surmise
Progress to Progress
Advance to Advance
Spin to Spin
Idealize to Idealize
Perform to Perform
Impact to Impact
Fund to Fund
Fraud to Fraud
Stress to Stress
Ditch to Ditch
Bliss to Bliss
Rush to Rush
Glow to Glow
Smudge to Smudge
Unwind to Unwind
Pretend to Pretend
Arrive to Arrive
Gather to Gather
Crave to Crave
Care to Care
Push to Push
Grind to Grind
Unify to Unify
Prove to Prove
Fuss to Fuss
Grieve to Grieve
Breed to Breed
Part to Part
Freak to Freak
Press to Press
Shake to Shake
Wipe to Wipe
Swap to Swap
Note to Note
Drink to Drink
Blow to Blow
Snap to Snap
Cheat to Cheat
Stray to Stray
Pass to Pass
Compete to Compete
Swagger to Swagger
Teach to Teach
Contest to Contest
Appear to Appear
Incite to Incite
Nerve to Nerve
Reside to Reside
Reverse to Reverse
Flounder to Flounder
Dilute to Dilute
Cover to Cover
Deal to Deal
Colonize to Colonize
Stack to Stack
List to List
Transmit to Transmit
Install to Install
Continue to Continue
Controversy to Controversy
Glimpse to Glimpse
Ignore to Ignore
Operate to Operate
Cite to Cite
Quote to Quote
Whirr to Whirr
Rumble to Rumble
Morph to Morph
Pierce to Pierce
Emit to Emit
Send to Send
Debunk to Debunk
Deflate to Deflate
Clear to Clear
Trigger to Trigger
Contain to Contain
Ensure to Ensure
Stand to Stand
Hold to Hold
Mate to Mate
Prey to Prey
Cause to Cause
Consolidate to Consolidate
Demand to Demand
Conduct to Conduct
Detect to Detect
Debase to Debase
Invest to Invest
Applaud to Applaud
Supply to Supply
Share to Share
Enrich to Enrich
Dispense to Dispense
Flush to Flush
Eclipse to Eclipse
Rally to Rally
Protest to Protest
Track to Track
Certify to Certify
Orbit to Orbit
Have to Have
Harness to Harness
Hold to Hold
Empty to Empty
Flush to Flush


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

H O R S E - I S


‘We need to find a place where we are safe; We walk into that which we cannot yet see.’

Elisabeth Alexander - Inaugural Poem -


A sporadic Leader
Lifted by Opportunity
Unflappable Confidant
Safety before Scepsis
A living bailout Package
Wheels for Men
A Mixed Bag
Pillar of the Mile
Tweed Steed
Mentally Funded
Transport Paradigm
Populism and Champagne
Pomp and Circumstance
Rock Solid
The Jack & The Hammer
Green Macadam
Know what you Eat
Equestrian Weekly
Headlong Leaps
Utility of Shape
Aesthetics of Sustainability
Epitome of Beaux Arts
Carry the Stamp
The Plato Touch
Crazy Classicist
Rough Medicine
Runaway Runway
Inexplicable Ally
Direct Action
Inaugural Aide
Attribute of Leadership
Resume of Whispers
Heading for the Hill
Some Kind of Truth
Bear & Bull
Back on Camera
Master Stubbs
Buying & Selling
A Filly’s Folly
Secret Nominee
Taxpayer’s Parachute
Eye of the Needle
Distinct Silhouette
Dedication & Response
Cockpit Avenue
Statue of Liberties
Fern Hill
Saddled Sadie
Casques & Armour
Charge of the Light Brigade
Summit at the Far End
Moustaches & Sour Sweat
Pinpoint Eccentric
Figure among Figurines
Remedial Convalescence
Trapped Tracks
Poplars & Cranes
Deceit and Double-Crosses
French Kicks
Pleated Heart
A Foundling
Sheikhs & Local Gentry
Ladies & Dames
Quotes & other Plans
Emperor of The Downs
Pained in a Painful Age
Bar Equus
Progressively Involved
Whinny 2
First & Counting
Down the Beaten Track
Household Cavalry
Falling never Failing
Jumping Jack Flash
Capital Hill
Red Rum
Peaking on The Flats
Into The Crunch
Rough & Ready
Tool of Tyrants
Occupant of the Dream State
Lost Luggage
Agent Provocateur
Corpse Bearer
Looking for the Unicorn
Cheap Labour
In Pursuit
Highbrow Gains
Lowbrow Culture
Master Critic
Pillar of The Machine
Out Rocking
On Tape
No Part of the Chorus
A Contender
Not a Song- An Anthem
Bounce & Throw
10-Lane Freeway
Merely Off Duty
Smoking a Cigar
Not in my Back-Yard
The End of The Rope
Crippled by Expectation
A Symbol to Symbolize
Master & Observer
Like a Gun
Kept in Memory
Forest & Parkland
A Whinny Opera
Without ID
An Optic Nerve
My Right Arm
My Left Arm
My Quill
Beluga & Blahniks
Powered by The Chase
Ungoverned by Race or Creed
Laura (Riding) Jackson
Follow-up on a Lead
CC Ryder
Transient Myth
Permission & Forgiveness
Hardcore Displacement
Unclear Nuclear
Bad Stripped Bare
Delicate & potent
Cultural Critic
Painted Black
Sometimes A Great Nation
Space between Distances
Scrambled Communication
Outposts & Colonization
Famously Familiar
Sustainability Configured
Local maintenance
Worldwide Hub
Kernel of a Whole Character
Playing the Audience
A Plodding Dance Piece
Both Means & End
If When
Mad Rush
Hovering Hooves
Vivid & Sinister
Bounty of Booty
To Come Back To
Stockholders & Abortionists
Lasting Strategy
Public Oracle
Reaching the Bottom Line
The Ritz
Cocktails & Red Carpet
Squires & Highwaymen
God & Country
Choice in Conformity
Earth & Fire
A Skeleton in The Closet
Among Hounds
In The Wild
A Speck within The Ellipse
Constantly Updated
Beyond Bar Codes
Ultimate Mobile
Hero of The Beat
Dialogue of The Brave
Undeterred Velocity
Stable Inmate
Whipped into Being
Nowhere Else
Conscious & Prepared
En Famille.


posted by Walter at 1/20/2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



‘A photograph is a secret about a secret,
The more it tells you, the less you know.’

D i a n e A r b u s









I didn’t
I feel
I perceive
I think









I didn’t
I didn’t
I was
I want




















© Walt 2009


posted by Walter at 1/13/2009

Friday, October 17, 2008



‘A great city is that which has the greatest men and women’



The Rich - Elimination contest
The Rich - Freaked patriarchy
The Rich - Cute, quick and faulty
The Rich - To pitch a fit
The Rich - Kicking up the fire
The Rich - A playlist of exuberance
The Rich - Your life as they see it
The Rich - Improper governance
The Rich - Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Rich - In livid memory
The Rich - Comrades in the fold
The Rich - Gorgeous clientele
The Rich - Wall Street purge
The Rich - Shelter Solitaire
The Rich - Invalid justification
The Rich - Parasites of the behemoth
The Rich - Expired
The Rich - Home wreckers
The Rich - Reconciling morality
The Rich - In denial
The Rich - Farewell superpower
The Rich - The long Adieu
The Rich - Way out of depth
The Rich - Economy’s surplus
The Rich - Season of reason
The Rich - At their most forceful
The Rich - Timeless epitaph
The Rich - Vanitas’ pageant
The Rich - The banker who forgot
The Rich - Holidays in Hell
The Rich - By principle
The Rich - Technicolor stalemate
The Rich - Concealed
The Rich - Bold-faced and low key
The Rich - Slaves of temptation
The Rich - Psalms in Harry’s Bar
The Rich - Unofficial
The Rich - Growth for growth sake
The Rich - Momentarily
The Rich - By descent
The Rich - Less ordinary
The Rich - Dead, unless loved
The Rich - True to type
The Rich - Kempt, unkempt
The Rich - Underwritten
The Rich - By proxy
The Rich - Ever hungry
The Rich - Going tribal
The Rich - Orphans of wealth
The Rich - The geek, the jock, the misfit
The Rich - Devotion turned deadly
The Rich - The harder they fall
The Rich - The great emancipator
The Rich - Putting it bluntly
The Rich - Lords of bling
The Rich - Red and blue blooded
The Rich - Haven’t started yet
The Rich - Of gold not golden
The Rich - Lucky to leave
The Rich - Boom or bust
The Rich - Spotting the winners
The Rich - Fairy dale
The Rich - Jail bait on the loose
The Rich - Eve of destruction
The Rich - Off the fringe
The Rich - They befell us
The Rich - Boom day to doomsday
The Rich - Now they tell us
The Rich - Société Anonyme
The Rich - True or false
The Rich - Make my day
The Rich - Thin man, fat man
The Rich - Under the surface
The Rich - Black heart
The Rich - Legacy of the unnamed
The Rich - Without quarter
The Rich - Expo of expense
The Rich - Judgement and naivité
The Rich - Just because
The Rich - Come in first, and check out last
The Rich - Uncharted Untagged
The Rich - Lurid rich
The Rich - Bloody rich
The Rich - Structural access
The Rich - Ubiquitous silence
The Rich - It's the economy, stupid
The Rich - Conscience unstirred
The Rich - Objects of the gaze
The Rich - Laundromat deLuxe
The Rich - Constructions of decay
The Rich - Affection unaffected
The Rich - A course in selfhood
The Rich - Editor, editor
The Rich - Monomaniacal perspectives
The Rich - The bacchanal branch
The Rich - Convergence and public image
The Rich - A case of multiple guises
The Rich - In loving memory
The Rich - Waiting for Godot
The Rich - The next big thing
The Rich - Self imposed solitude
The Rich - Either out far, or in deep
The Rich - Declassified
The Rich - Off the list
The Rich - To catch a thief
The Rich - Cranks & Hipsters
The Rich - By necessity
The Rich - Rushes without footage
The Rich - True or false
The Rich - Filtered applicants
The Rich - Spoils of a car-boot sale
The Rich - Risks out of proportion
The Rich - Ratio to ratio
The Rich - Love lippy
The Rich - Money honey
The Rich - Gucci & Klein
The Rich - Boost without cost
The Rich - Violent hangover
The Rich - And so off to war
The Rich - Governing icons and emblems
The Rich - Tic Tac, tic Tac
The Rich - Barefoot travellers
The Rich - Now departed
The Rich - A new Blue-collar class
The Rich - A poll of damnation
The Rich - Captains of the vacuum
The Rich - Compassionate anaesthesia
The Rich - Life is a battlefield
The Rich - Shaped in our likeness
The Rich - Gold Almighty
The Rich - Miles without milestones
The Rich - A record of tainted history
The Rich - Past and prologue
The Rich - Spirited and picaresque
The Rich - Climax of descent
The Rich - Napoleon Solo
The Rich - Fading fixtures
The Rich - Zone therapy
The Rich - Sacrificing standards
The Rich - Credible crocodiles
The Rich - The next village is far
The Rich - Slam-dunk capitalism
The Rich - Congregation in-the-know
The Rich - Born brut
The Rich - Brothers by Decree
The Rich - A celebration of dressing down
The Rich - Sleeping fat, walking thin
The Rich - Have they discovered evolution yet?


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Sunday, September 21, 2008



‘Music in a bottle’- a pseudonym for Gin-
Is the best track for jumping


The podium without a soundcheck.


Kid Power summons a Transatlantic air
-Braided ponytails glazed with shine serum-

-The challenge-

Is to break a sweat.


High-strung supermodels waxed for the big event
are flat-ironed onto vinyl

-The obsession with art, beauty and pop culture-

Suddenly a -mer sans boire-.


Radio City echoes deep German Baritones
There’s nothing like singing Nietzsche

-to crank up a romantic past-

Hail! -Wanton euphoria of unprompted smiles-


Private is the other half of earth’s atmosphere
-Grandiose- unique and uncharted

-a civilization has disappeared therein-

Comprised of a small town elite -whispering in Globalese-


© Walt 2008


posted by Walter at 9/21/2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008



‘All that is not eternal, is eternally out of date’

- C.S.Lewis -


A clone is not a clown
A car is not a charm
A trace is not a trail
A mind is not a brain
A fight is not a duel
A duo is not a tandem
A vagrant is not a vagabond
A railroad is not a rake’s progress
A bird is not a cage
A well is not a fountain
A dream is not a mountain
A crevice is not a grave
A dog is not a synthesis of man
A first lady is not a flagship
A sniff is not a snort
A tribe is not a herd
A socket is not a pillar
A premise is not a probability
A local is not a native
A whack is not a quack
A sensor is not a synapse
A kilt is not a skirt
A dump is not a wasteland
A vocalist is not a troubadour
A niche is not a gap
A look is not a style
A meter is not a mentor
A factor is not a conclusion
A gathering is not a meeting
A guise is not a guide
A wink is not a blink
A spark is not a sync
A concept is not a plan
A yardstick is not a standard
A circus is not a roundabout
A curtain is not a veil
A key is not a catalyst
A song is not a singer
A blow is not a punch
A trial is not a take
A majority is not a party
A change is not a U-turn
A remake is not a tribute
A pinup is not a bag of silicone
A dance is not a ball
A drop is not a fall
A religion is not a renunciation
A cabin is not a lair
A prisoner is not a convict
A lie is not a slip of the tongue
A smile is not a antidote
A tart is not a debutante
A cocktail is not a grateful union
A sub is not a tortoise
A sentence is not a second term
A portrait is not a natural state
A hunch is not a notion
A bridge is not a crossing
A publisher is not a provider
A visionary is not a philanthropist
A producer is not a facilitator
A screen is not a monitor
A poem is not a divine confirmation
A manifesto is not a dictate
A mirage is not a utopia
A procedure is not a protocol
A glare is not a shimmer
A cheat is not a fraud
A slut is not a prostitute
A break is not a timeout
A hesitation is not a doubt
A stir is not a touch
A vigil is not a tribute
A prank is not a pratfall
A puncture is not a direct hit
A response is not a point-and-click
A superhero is not a crusader
A character is not a personality
A prisoner is not a canary
A slide is not a tumble
A soufflé is not a piece of cake
A chapter is not a horde of thugs
A party is not a feast
A standoff is not a gridlock
A beefeater is not a vegetarian
A genre is not a trend
A king is not a queen
A public office is not a scaffold
A Raul is not a Fidel
A soliloquy is not a filibuster
A purpose is not a direction
A target is not a consensus
A babe is not a bagatelle
A sense is not a feeling
A who is not a how
A point is not a mark
A politician is not a diplomat
A jolly fellow is not a fellowship
A view is not a focus
A concierge is not a doorman
A chairman is not a chair
A rebuff is not a reprimand
A midget is not a dwarf
A volunteer is not a humanitarian
A career is not a future
A notion is not a bright idea
A cliché is not a validation
A remainder is not a spoil
A eureka is not a war cry
A means is not a vehicle
A list is not a register
A license is not a warranty


posted by Walter at 8/06/2008