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Thursday, November 07, 2002

-Killing us softly-

Man is no contender for Death. My mother in law passed away last Saturday. Her death came unexpected after all, too soon for me to be present at her deathbed. It seems she gradually slipped into death' embrace, almost completely deaf and blind. Still, she kept reacting to gentle humming and touch. Her body had thinned dramatically, and was fading adrift much like a discarded plastic bag frolicking with the wind. When I said the last goodbye at her coffin where she lay in state, her features though peaceful, had clenched into a mask of staunch resolve.

Death asks for no ransom, it just keeps snatching and adding to the bounty hunterís collection of faded and vintage butterflies, eager to be restored and re-released.


Death offers no subtitles

Death is a cad

Death disenchanted

DíAth misspelled

Death under oath

Death ill responding

Death aspiring

Death by Aspirine

Death out of orbit

Death compelling bourgeois

Death aging hunk

Death extortionist

Death fading elf

Death hired hand

Death nonconceptual

Death growing up

Death high school hottie

Death looking for parts

Death undercover

Death legend of rock

Death gravel-voiced mutant

Death nothing else

Death with tea and cake

Death second half

Death master of crumbs

Death less desperate

Death by string arrangement

Death hardcore

Death at variable rates

Death big chopper

Death murder with impunity

Death platinum card

Death feudal dove

Death luxury of daylight

Death padded shrimp

Death sneaky decoy

Death unique visage

Death safety zone

Death cocaine cowboy

Death posh kebab

Death marquis of raves

Death bastion of dissent

Death by modification

Death incurable charmer

Death human-to-human

Death love placebo

Death from the White House

Death by computation

Death without maintenance

Death aroma of sprouts

Death obese sexagenarians on tour

Death monogrammed

Death love unchained

Death getting safer

Death by needle and thread

Death multi-tracked

Death design Guru

Death the Pope smokes dope

Death company of middlemen

Death keep it criminalised

Death consistent as government payrolls

Death on the dole

Death Mr Sinister

Death overachiever

Death dark puddle

Death pink poodle

Death the biopic

Death flashlight of fate

Death guaranteed

Death editor of Zeitgeist

Death inspirational

Death fuselage of worms

Death tender loving care

Death signature tattoo

Death retrospective

Death room mate

Death without clout

Death fairly accurate

Death arbiter of legend

Death by disguise

Death anti-body


posted by Walter at 11/07/2002