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Wednesday, December 17, 2003



A reckless man- debauched- derailed-
Archer of Weston-super-Mare
Arrested- cloistered and redeemed-
Peerless and transient- sans fanfare

En vogue- a face- en face-
A hallowed front-line testament
A model shot- and convalesced
In praise of diffidence

A raging eye-storm illuminates
Saddam's spiderhole- Hirst's pickled shark
The Phyto-Lab- Islamic tarts
A glow-worm in the dark

Empowerment garners- and procures
Ready recruits for the bang
The terror kid- the avian scourge-
Rhetorical shockwaves- jammed with slang

History ferments- a chronograph-clocked-
Revolution- a high-risk All Star romp- beefed up
With moral bluff- and sacrosanct concoction


(c) Walt 2003


posted by Walter at 12/17/2003