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Saturday, May 08, 2004



‘Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it’

-Kurt Vonnegut-


Team Zero
The fiction agent
Renegade spaceman
Moritz and O’Brien
Casualties of correction
A case of grand possession
Older woman fantasia
Survival’s cutting edge
The retro writer
Apprentice of Appreciation
Monetary repairs
Designer bartender
Killer fragrances
The complimentary curator
A Casablanca traffic jam
The floored exec
Trouble at Demo Dam
Luscious Lacombe
Frisco Court
Liebstes Kind
Association of Subliterates
Half-moon hues
Simcity crofters
Parkinson’s logbook
An arsonist’s Hallelujah
The nasty traveler
Money and the muse
Percodan Hotel
A girl of uncertain age
A few good women
Pasadena casuals
The anatomical bomb
Whole on the wall
The Malaysian Switch
Clash of accessories
Popeye’s prototype
Every thought of you
Hardball cojones
Waif no more
The jailed radical
Pro-choice catalog
Angst illegal
Last night of the prompts
Loony appraisal
The knicker guy
Hoffman of hard knocks
Confusion at Beaver Park
The Sick Boy sequel
Getty’s lament
Foreman’s punch
Love earnest
Einstein’s makeup
The Beta Surfer
The shortcut stripper
Yesterday’s heyday
The day before because
A woman called Heraldine
Significant stereotypes
A Bohemian phase
The shallows of Cosmo Lake
Huntington’s recall
Delia’s paramour
The Stork and the Crane
Auberge du Patois
Pious sinner
A Camp School ad
Spectral Fidelity
The purchase of being
Religious debauchery
Ceasar’s godson
The Justice Ward
Peninsula of Logic
The tireless martyr
Black Robin’s don’t sing
Cirque Nonpareil
The Kurdish knot
Full frontal entertainment
Population emissions
Summer at Cedars
The grunge Othello
Omnipotence of everywhere
Return of the Saracen
Angelika in Spring
Miserable footage
The honorary assistant
Titans of Fallujah
Sabotage Grand Tour
Pulitzer’s nosejob
Five CDs and a candle
The Brothers Broke
Traveler’s Chicks
The chaos challenge
Santai Superior
The makeshift human
A president of ill-repute
Porsche’s 9/11
The blessing and the curse
Real man wear beards
The phlegm kiss
Eraser Room
Contentment and slavery
The Book of Barbarism
Atlas of the Missing
Time travel and relative speed
Teenage Class
Messrs. Fink and Parisi
Tactics and variables
Affiliation and response
DJ Crackpot
The Rive Gauche Spade
Corgis and Birkenstocks
The surplus catwalk
A resume of afterthought
Lapidary achievement
Capital Hill
The super-psyched ambassador
Love’s bite marks
DNA All Stars
The Piper and the Pimp
Veteran Femmes
The man from W.E.L.L
Joint Chief of Staff riot
Hall of Genocide
Dicks that click
A horse named Humanitas
Mary Ann meowing
Don Rumbo
Panic on Strobe Street
Cafe de Guerre
Prue de la Paix
Crystal consumer
The sliding rules
Lakes Rivers & Saunas
The Goldilocks Depression
Creative Goths
Uncivil behavior
The push-cart of darkness
A radical’s recess
The continuity blur
Heaven Julie
Nonlethal data
The cadence of change
Pubic relations
Lizards and fools
The pedestal of protest
A cavalier’s last stand
Twice is enough
The Mau-Mau designer
The hitchhiker’s progress
Paraphrasing the sage
Return to Laughter


posted by Walter at 5/08/2004

Monday, May 03, 2004



-A portrait in grey-

‘A classic definition of dirt is that it is matter out of place: dirt is the label we attach to what we perceive as disorder, a state that is often regarded as threatening’

A woman clasping her hands around her knees – waiting
A woman intimately involved with her brother-in-law
A woman recently laid off – scared and elated
A woman driving a brown-metallic convertible
A friendly vivacious woman – on the verge of existential crisis

Her voyage is a relentless hunger for less routine

-A portrait in pale blue-

‘The impression of efficiency was, of course, greatest if all the desks in an office were the same, or at least designed according to the same system’

A man walking out of a corner office
A man without assumptions – resolute and nimble
A man differentiating between talent and value
A man balancing on a tightrope – standing on his head
A wry- ironic man – stunned by a party whisper

His voyage is a stakeout for unguarded moments


Quotes from: Objects of Desire – Design and Society 1750-1980 – by Adrian Forty – Thames & Hudsom


posted by Walter at 5/03/2004