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Sunday, December 05, 2004



Sex Kills

I pulled up behind a Cadillac;
We were waiting for the light;
And I took a look at his license plate-
It said ‘JUST ICE.’
Is Justice just ice?
Governed by greed and lust?
Just the strong doing what they can
And the weak suffer what they must?
And the gas leaks,
And the oil spills,
And sex sells everything.
And sex kills...
Sex kills...

Doctors’ pills give you brand new ills,
And the bills bury you like an avalanche,
And lawyers haven’t been this popular
Since Robespierre slaughtered half of France!
And Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know
The balance is undone-crazy icons-
You can feel it out in traffic;
Everyone hates everyone!
And the gas leaks,
And the oil spills,
And sex sells everything.
Sex kills...
Sex kills...

All the jackoffs at the office
The rapist in the pool
Oh and the tragedies in the nurseries-
Little kids packin’ guns to school
The ulcerated ozone
These tumors of the skin-
This hostile sun beatin’ down on
This massive mess we’re in!
And the gas leaks,
And the oil spills,
And sex sells everything,
Ans sex kills.
Sex kills...
Sex kills...
Sex kills...
Sex kills...


Joni Mitchell -TURBULENT INDIGO – 1994 Reprise Records


A page torn from Eye magazine’s contents, has been idling on my desk for some time. The text on the page titled- ‘The Thrill of it All’ –is the intro of an editorial reporting on the Autumn-Winter runway shows in the major fashion capitals. The text- fraught with exaltation and sarcasm- solicited for playful deconstruction. In doing so I further accelerated its madcap momentum, outlining its barren mental image.

From ‘The Thrill of it All’ Autumn-Winter fashion reporting


The Thrill of it All

Don’t fuck with fashion this season. Butched up
with masculine tailoring, protected with armour,
prepared for the stormiest of conditions, tuned
into a mind-set of blinding futuristic optimism and
psyched with punk-fuelled rebellion, womenswear
means business. That said, you still won’t be able
to resist falling helplessly in lust with it’s romantic
femininity – or having your brains screwed out
with the kinkiest of get-ups. There has never been
a season where fashion has so thoroughly tuned
into its most basic of instincts and worshipped so
adoringly at the temple of womanhood. At a time
when survival has been the biggest concern and
inspiration for designers, they’ve opted for the old
favourites: sex, power and glamour. We’ve seen
a balancing act: between the commercial and
creative, reality and escapism. So who is Miss
Autumn-Winter? In new York she was a lesson
in no-nonsense confidence. In London she had
polished up her act to brave the rough ride ahead.
In Milan she was a glamorous red carpet-stalking
star. In Paris she flaunted her predatory prowess,
a Helmut Newton heroine of sexuality and
sensuality. The overriding theme: woman as icon.
And who wouldn’t want to buy into that?

Jamie Huckbody


EYE magazine September 2003


Falling in Lust

Don’t fuck
with masculine tailoring

that said-
be a glamorous stalking star
tune into a mind-set
of punk-fuelled rebellion
and business

you won’t be able to resist
falling helplessly in lust
with the kinkiest of get-ups
protected with glamorous armour-
sex, power and basic instinct

-brave the rough ride ahead-
we see a balancing act
between reality and escapism
your brains screwed with
predatory prowess and sensuality

-womenswear polished up her act-
for the stormiest
lesson in no-nonsense confidence


who is Miss Autumn-Winter?


Three other examples of the same text using different composition patterns

Of Thrill

That icon woman- overriding and predatory.
Paris-stalking-carpet red. Glamorous Milan.ride brave
Act polished- London confidence. Nonsense lesson: a she
In Winter? Autumn Miss-who-so and reality creative.
Act balancing- seen glamour and power favourites.
Opted for inspiration and concern. Biggest survival-
when womanhood of temple worshipped- and instincts
basic most thoroughly fashion. Season been there of
kinkiest with brains your having. Or femininity romantic-
its lust helplessly falling. Resist- be still that business.
Means womenswear rebellion? Punk-optimism. Futuristic
blinding of mind into conditions of stormiest. Prepared
armour with tailoring masculine. Up-season-fashion-fuck.


Don’t with-up armour
Prepared into-tuned and
Psyched means-womenswear able
To femininity-romantic out
With a season-been thoroughly tuned
Into adoringly-so time
When inspiration-and old
Favourites a-seen end
Creative Autumn-Miss lesson
In polished-had ahead
In star-stalking prowess
A Helmut-sexuality and


Take/Autumn-lesson-New York

Etc. Etc.


posted by Walter at 12/5/2004