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Monday, August 07, 2006



‘It’s easy to know the beauty of inhuman things, sea, storm, and mountain; it is their soul and their meaning.
Humanity has its lesser beauty, impure and painful; we have to harden our hearts to bear it…’

Robinson Jeffers – from ‘The World’s Wonders’



Parfum 15 ml
Eau de parfum spray 100ml
Eau de parfum spray 50 ml

Body luxuries:
Body lotion 200 ml
Body lotion 150 ml
Oil essences 25 ml

Bath luxuries:
Lush shower gel 200 ml
Lush bath grains 270 gr
Lush soap 150 gr

Bedtime luxuries:
Sensual bedtime fragrance 30 ml
Sensual votive trio 165 gr
Sensual incense kit 12 sticks and holder


From: -The Senses don’t Lie- Calvin Klein Advertisement


posted by Walter at 8/07/2006