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Monday, October 09, 2006



Intermission<< A Covert interim at a dashed pace-
Years of overhead- Spurious doctrine- & Captive Health-
Built Memory a Pyramid

Provisions, endurance & safeguards
First in July- at Summer Court in France-
Spirit hungering- A reclusive for good reason

All evidence frozen- unfathomable-
Monitoring private conversation- checking
Volumes of indelible & Restless years

>>Any romance is geared by a button-eyed daze-
A flagrant Manifestation of uncanny similarities-
Nurtured by males & females alike

Sandwiched butterflies- locked in stray encounters<<
Visions alternated by writing & interrupted calls-
Coded & Shrouded under a Narratorís Voice

Poised as Bohemians- scrupled & aloof
A Tour de Force of Trance & Attitude
Insubordinate- tied together- neck to heel

>>Proclamations & Patronage-
A tree in Sedona- A cabin near Brno- A team of
Anxious players steeped in contradiction

Ban Disease- Bumper Stickers- Discord>>
Engage in a casual crush- A pretty Scandinavian-
Fair skinned- light-footed- bespectacled

>>Rhett Butler- Anna Karenina- Icons & Stratagems
Set upon an insidious & momentous rampage-
Formidable & Buoyant- fueled by vivid imagination

Arguments donít depend on invention
Fatal errors fraught in Moral Code-
Invoke intimation & incident <<

Mankind fits room upon room-
With High Energy- Misfits & the Obscure-
A Bastion of population- Colonial & contrived

Position & Diagnosis- distributed at separate locations
Enhanced- enigmatic- Using copy paper for-
A salvo of blanks- >>Ultra-waves of censored ideas

Images- ambition & judgement- the depiction of
Everyday life according to tabloid cartoons-
Craving for black- Cherishing Christian emblems

>>Most animals respond to slowdown & touch-
Human evolution creates an epic Revenue Scheme-
A Fiesta of rebirth- Diagnosis & Preservation-

>>Thought & Ideas- Memory without aging


© Walt 2006


posted by Walter at 10/09/2006