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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



‘A drawing of life reveals too much of me’

Saul Steinberg – Reflections & Shadows


United Stakes of America
The Color Schwartz
The Anger Mat
Complacent Christianity
Clueless Judaism
Dichotomic Islam
Laws of Error & Defeat
Correspondents & Defectors
Ribbon & Thin Wire
Infatuation & Ingenuity
Questionable Luminaries
The Subordination Foundation
Mr. Tollwut & Miss High
The Humanity of Berlin
Squared Rome
Conception and Opposition
Occasional Subscriber
Tradition & History
Subject of Continuation
Unsolicited Inclusions
Compulsive Completion
Pro-life Abortionist
Pleasure & Penalty
Facts & Chorus
Self-Improved Slavery
Observations & Inclusions
Popular Intentions
A Volume of Retardation
Changing Claims
Heads Without Hospitals
Hardy Boys & Hardier Girls
Chosen & Transformed
Questionable Puritans
Moody’s Luck
A Great Plot Sans Parade
The Elegy of Free Thought
The Prime Time Minister
Morality & Consent
A Scholar of Convergence
Prominence & Paradox
The Inmates of Troy
Sleep without Memory
Instinct & Accuracy
Voices of Tarts & Shopgirls
Coins & Electrons
Past & Present Resolve
Polyglot Finalists
Plunder & Retaliation
Privacy & Dissent
Havens of Exile
Magnetism & Doubt
Memory’s New Deal
Negotiation & Contempt
Rank sans File
The Piracy of Reason
Seeds- Plants- & Prerequisites
Third- & Fourth Element
Marked Disorder
A Feast of Prompts & Paroles
Proportional Damage
An Alibi for Rush & Resolve
Pimped Prose & Poetry
Sobering Sentimentality
Alvin- Ricky & Roth
The Course of Admiration
Association of tentative Response
A Clause for Care & Concern
Tried & Tested Compulsions
A Fellowship for the Self
Friendster- Napster- Cheapster
The Tao of Thumb Drive
Cowboy Boots & Tea
Simple Problem Institute
Shooting out of Range
Fake Scalp Inc.
Near Miss Contest
A Dude’s Luck
The Peta Principle
Parfumeur Sauvage
Recovery & Response
Warped & Dangerous
A Lay-by in the Downs
Camilla & Claudette
Intermittent Hearing
Life Unrequited
Love Unrepentant
Conditions of Malcontent
The FlexWarrior
Situp- Getup- or Lie
Grundriss & Fatima J.
Departure of the Species
A History of Notions
Putin on Parole
Blair Stitch Project
Nut Bush’ Mental Limits
Killing Time Inc.
Manmade Momentum
Mingling in the Smooth
By Fact & Fortune
Ways to make UC
Arrows never Sent
Ramifications & Foresight
Vertigo & the Priest

The Stories we Tell-
An Empire of Classification-
Transparent & Hermetic-
Ancient & Fraudulent-
Breeds << Non-entity


posted by Walter at 10/24/2006