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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



‘Luck is the residue of design’

Milton- At a Vacation Exercise in the College


Warholville? ..You guys all got ID?

Nylon & the Pool? -Soulful tunes well into the night- No periphery.

Sounds about to break? Within the limits of ecstasy & exhaustion- Contained.

Hangdogs- Color codes- Confusion.. -Context? -Love unrequited.

Catwalk Cultural? -Neopithicus- Leonardo- KL- Jesus Christ descending a staircase.

Family Matters of the Super-Rich? Gott is the real thing.

Sadness Wholesale? Ringside announcer- Liposuction- Media formats- Clueless at Sea.

Human Code Incremental? Button- and Bingo!

Visionaries in Glass- Bronze- & Oil? -Ruins of History!

A Designer returned to the Real? ..Harry Houdini -A perception engineer.

Your silent face Floral & Self-referential- Somewhere in every human is a factory.

Another multimillion selling Record? Raise the roof- play on!

Who are you- Time engineer?- Born of water?- Charmer? -Slang Desperado.

Sanity & Madness?- ..Let’s now praise famous men!

Mixing newcomers with glossy Urbanites? -Fusion impossible.

Trompe l’oeil instead of changing Rooms? -A plughole affair- Preferably in Black.

Wonderbra- The biggest flop in History? -Catastrophic- Except for the cleavage..

Giant moth balls- Generous- Voluptuous? For moths- for spiders- Certainly!

Sack dress- Pencil skirt- Curvy boned corsets- Triangle Bumps & Folds.

Frame your Mobile? -Increase efficiency!

Piece of mind at your own configuration- Review? –A walk without shadows- Impracticality.

No account service fees- no hidden fees? -Talk to Chuck..

Tantric pampering by mature beauty? -Laughing while reading through it..

Bonne Nuit le Petit? -A scene of song- aphorism & pyjamas.

Another Winter of discontent? A Michelin rubber suit- Life as a still- A backdrop on a big night.

Buddhism & Suburbia? ..An avalanche inside the shell- Untested- Potentially harmless.

Thekla- Marine- The Minotaur- Drake & the Push? -Slurred speech- Blackouts- Memory Loss..

Consensus of Hallucinations- Proof? -A black Kingfisher on the mantelpiece- Two wooden candlesticks downstairs.

May the force be with you! ...Superstition rules- Thanks -I needed that.


posted by Walter at 11/08/2006